August 13, 2012

Training news- ESD Control with Distinction

CMCA always endeavors to provide its clients with the best service possible and to achieve that we ensure that our staff are well trained and more than capable of any task our clients could task us with.

Many of CMCA’s processes and procedures are tailored to the specific requirements of our clients. CMCA takes great pride in the knowledge base that our staff provides and we take pleasure in further enhancing that knowledge through training.

To this end we have been checking and bench marking our own in-house training courses against those used throughout the related Industries to ensure that we meet and hopefully exceed the related Industry Standard requirements.

Our training review team and leading in-house experts have recently been looking at our in-house training regarding ESD procedures and we are pleased to be able to state that this training has enabled members of our staff to successfully complete several on-line IPC certificates.

  • OVT-54C ESD Control for Operators
  • OVT-55C Control for IT and Electronics Service Technicians
  • OVT-74C ESD Control for Electronics Assembly
  • OVT-75C Ray’s ESD Prevention Secrets
  • OVT-76C ESD Control for Non-Manufacturing Personnel
  • OVT-77C ESD Control for Material Handlers
  • OVT-78C The Seven Sins of ESD Control

The Institute for Printed Circuits (IPC) is a not-for-profit trade association and technical standards organization serving over 3000 member companies in the electronics industry worldwide. Their media department has been producing award-winning video training for more than 25 years. These programs are developed in cooperation with volunteer industry experts to ensure that their training is free from commercial bias, is technically accurate, and covers the broadest-base of industry concerns.

We would like you to join us in congratulating the following members of CMCA’s staff for their co-operation and qualifying for the above certificates with an average pass mark of 97%, a distinction in anyone’s book! And if that was not enough, two of those named below passed all seven tests with scores of 100%, outstanding*

Well done and congratulations to

  • Matthew Kornel*
  • Darren Rogers*
  • James McCann
  • Justin Russell
  • Tom Ratkovich

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