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Examining the Coronavirus Implications to the Supply Chain, Supportability and Obsolescence Planning

Central Management Catalogue Agency (UK) Limited take considerable pride in our ability to support the component availability needs of our customers by use of our Risk Analysis, Continuous Availability Monitoring, and reporting systems to confirm the status as various risks…

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Obsolescence Management Plan- An Essential Health Insurance Policy

With a robust obsolescence plan or strategy in place obsolescence can be managed early and addressed methodically, it can provide significant through life savings and with the recent publicity regarding cuts in UK defence equipment costs this is an area that is welcomed with open arms…

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What is Obsolescence Management?

Obsolescence can present itself in two ways; the item in question is no longer suitable for current demands, or is no longer available from the original manufacturer. Ensuring that plans are in place to identify and mitigate risk when parts, spares,…

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