Supplier Quality Assurance

CMCA(UK) works in partnership with all of our suppliers, ensuring joint objectives are consistently achieved.

Supplier Quality Assurance Manual

To provide guidance for our suppliers, CMCA(UK) has defined a Supplier Quality Assurance Manual to detail the systems, procedures and controls which will be required where certain contractual definition apply.

Download the PDF here.

Certificate of Conformity

Product conformity and assurance can be a critical aspect to many areas of our business and in many cases we have contractual obligations to end-users to provide associated certification. We appreciate however that this may not be a standard document for some of our suppliers. To support this, we have identified a certificate of Conformity template which can be used by suppliers to assist in providing such requirements.

Download the PDF here.

Supplier Questionnaire

Depending upon the nature of contracts and product supply, there may be occasions where we need to confirm a suppliers status, regarding their Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety or other related Management Systems. To confirm status regarding these aspects, we have defined a standard Supplier Questionnaire which can be completed and submitted for review.

Download the PDF here.

Clause Requirements

Each CMCA(UK) Purchase Order will identify certain requirements specifically within the content of the order. However where applicable then clause requirements may also be referenced which can then be accessed via the details provided in the PO. Please click on the link below for specific details.

View the clause here.