April 24, 2017

REACH Authorisation List Update – Imminent Sunset Dates

In the second half of 2017 the Sunset Dates of 14 substances listed on the REACH Authorisation List will pass. After these dates the use of these substances will require a specific authorisation for use granted by the European Commission. Of particular interest are the 9 Chromium Compounds whose Sunset Dates are 21st September 2017, such as Sodium Dichromate, Potassium Dichromate and Chromium Trioxide, all of which are used in the finishing and treatment of metals and their plating. The passing of this Sunset Date impacts upon a number of processes that include Chromic Acid Anodising, Chromate Passivation of Cadmium and Zinc and Stainless Steel Passivation.
CMCA(UK) has a highly skilled workforce and reporting tools that seek to provide a solution for managing the effect of REACH on our clients’ Bills of Material, not only providing early warning of impending issues but also reporting the total impact across the business, all the way through to the generation of Article 33 declarations to accompany the equipment in question.  If you would like to learn more about our REACH services then please contact our Business Development Manager, Antony Elliott, on 01905 458307 or via antony.elliott@cmcauk.co.uk

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