Obsolescence Management Services


Driven by rapid technological changes, new components are developed and released into the market with increasing speed. The result is a dramatic change in production methods of all components and their market availability. A growing industry sector is facing issues where life cycles of products no longer fit together with life cycles of required components.

This issue is known as obsolescence, the status given to a part or item when it is no longer available from its original manufacturer. The problem of obsolescence is most prevalent for electronics technology, wherein the lifetimes for microelectronic parts are often significantly shorter than the equipment life cycles for the products that use those parts.

However, obsolescence extends beyond electronic components to other items, such as materials, oils and greases and mechanical parts. In addition, obsolescence has been shown to appear for software, specifications, standards, processes and soft resources, such as human skills. It is highly important to implement and operate an active management of obsolescence to mitigate and avoid extreme costs.

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