NATO Codification

CMCA(UK) is the exclusive NATO Codification Contractor for the United Kingdom National Codification Bureau (UK NCB). The NATO Codification System (NCS) is a uniform and common system for the identification, classification and stock numbering of Items of Supply, used by all NATO countries. It is designed to achieve MAXIMUM effectiveness in Logistic support.

Within the UK all items used by the Armed Forces will have a NATO Stock Number (NSN) allocated, the product of the NCS. It is therefore a prerequisite of any supply contract that equipment and associated spare parts are NATO Codified, given an NSN, prior to main gate approval.

The role of conducting NATO Codification within the UK has been vested in the UK NCB. This organisation is a department of the Ministry of Defence, Defence Equipment and Support and is based in Glasgow, Scotland.

The UK NCB is the custodian of the UK Codification Support Information System (CSIS), the only true source for creating and viewing NSNs which contains over 5 million NATO Stock Number (NSN) records, identifying and describing items of equipment used by the UK armed services.

To enable UK NCB to supply their customers (Equipment manufacturers and MoD departments) with a timely response to requests for NSNs, the UK NCB trusts in the specialist codification team within CMCA(UK), to create and maintain NSNs on the central database (CSIS). As of April 2014 CMCA(UK) is the only approved NATO Codification contractor in the UK.

Our primary aim as a professional NATO Codification Contractor is to support UK NCB in their goal to supply customers with accurate and timely delivery of NSNs, thus becoming ‘The leading supplier of NATO Codification and associated services in the UK’. This will be achieved by:

Constantly exceeding our customer’s requirements

The expertise and knowledge of our Team

A comprehensive Integrated Management/Production computer system

In support of our primary customers, CMCA(UK) is able to offer MoD contractors various services to include:

Codification Management

Source data collection (acquisition and/or validation)

Screening for existing NSN’s

Translating NSN’s into purchasing information