“Looking after your critical components to guarantee future availability”

Long Term Storage

The Challenge Have you made a Life Time Buy and need to store the parts securely in an environment that mitigates deterioration? Does your Obsolescence Management strategy suggest to buy now and store later?

Our Solution

CMCA(UK) is a recognised specialists in the Long Term Storage of electronic and electromechanical components and assemblies.

Investment in secure, purpose built, state of the art storage facilities has allowed CMCA(UK) to achieve significant growth in this area of expertise.

Our Long Term Storage service is specifically designed to compliment and support your obsolescence management activity.

CMCA(UK) provides a ‘time-locked’ facility for the storage, control and monitoring of key components.

The security of your components is our prime objective. Our storage equipment and the locations in which they stand are strictly controlled.

All components are processed through our Electrostatic Protected Area with full Electrostatic Discharge controls and procedures that extend from the facility to each secure storage location.

The stored components are subjected to rigorous testing including Solderability,XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) and analysed using a Scanning Electron Microscope where necessary.

All components are processed through our own Inventory Management System software, designed and developed to provide assurance that your components are controlled, indexed and traceable.