November 24, 2020

CMCA(UK) take its acclaimed AIIOM Training Course online

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CMCA(UK) has been delivering our obsolescence management training courses to classrooms for a while now but November saw the first virtual course delivery. The course took place between the 17–19 November 2020 and was attended by students from across North America. The feedback from the students who attended has been fantastic and has been a just reward for all of the hard work that was put in behind the scenes during the summer to transfer the course from a classroom base, to an online one. Some examples of the comments received are,

“All the listed goals for the class were covered completely. The additional examples and life experiences helped give the material a more tangible explanation.”

“As someone quite new to obsolescence but with some working experience (< 6 months), I found that the course provided a comprehensive overview of obsolescence management and helped me strengthen my understanding of the fundamentals. I would recommend it or something similar to anyone new to obsolescence management.”

“Learning more about the entire breadth and scope of the DMSMS cycle helps give incites to how the contributions of different functional areas are contributing to the end OM goal. My group focuses near exclusively on the Reactive path. I thought we were not effectively tracking our obsolescence but through the course learned that our focused task is one piece of the obsolescence pie. The additional responsibilities are being performed through other functional organization within the company. I also now have a place to start looking for who I should be interfacing with through the OMP documentation.”

“The lecturer was very knowledgeable, engaging, and understanding. The course was divided well and there was enough time to go over the material that was covered before the assessment.”

We have also launched a three day “Obsolescence Management Awareness” course that mirrors the AIIOM offering, but without the exam or post course project. This would suit anyone who is new to the discipline and either needs just to have a general understanding of the subject, or those looking to learn more to understand the potential implications to their business.

For more information on the courses, dates and pricing please see our website or contact us directly on +44 (0)1905 458 307.

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