July 20, 2018

CMCA(UK) appoint Radiation Protection Supervisor

Here at CMCA(UK) our team of lab technicians work with X-ray devices on a daily basis to ensure that the items we process on behalf of our customers are genuine.
In order to comply with the latest Ionising Radiation Regulations from the Health and Safety Executive, CMCA(UK) has appointed Matt Kornel as in-house Radiation Protection Supervisor.
Matt is our most Senior Lab technician having served over 7 years working on a wide range of projects ranging from long term storage through to analytical solutions such as XRF , electron microscopy and metallography.
Matt was selected for the training and ultimately the position partly because of his background but also his great enthusiasm for the job. Congratulations Matt!

For more information on CMCA(UK)’s lab testing facilities or long term storage capabilities contact Antony Elliott, Business Development Manager on

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