UTC Aerospace Systems Obsolescence Management Strategy

The Client and Project

UTC Aerospace Systems, ISR Systems Malvern

Reconnaissance Airborne Pod for Tornado (RAPTOR)

The Challenge

The RAPTOR system is currently fitted to the RAF’s fleet of Tornado GR4 aircraft. It is a highly complex reconnaissance airborne pod that has a significant reliance on electronic components as part of its core architecture. The current planned Out of Service Date for the RAPTOR system is early 2019 although options are being reviewed to potentially extend this further.

Based in Malvern, the ISR Systems In-Service Support team face the challenge of ensuring that RAPTOR remains available and supportable through to the planned Out of Service Date. Furthermore, as a responsible and respected supplier to the UK Ministry of Defence, UTC Aerospace Systems are proactively investigating the potential supportability issues associated with maintaining the RAPTOR system beyond 2015, including the identification of effective and affordable mitigation opportunities that could be  employed to reduce the supportability risks.

The Solution

UTC Aerospace Systems, ISR Systems Malvern understood that RAPTOR would require an effective Obsolescence Management Strategy and Obsolescence Management Plan (OMP) if availability of the system at the lowest possible cost was to be assured through to the current forecasted Out of Service date. ISR Systems Malvern also recognised that, within the current economic climate, many systems are being extended well beyond their original Out of Service Date and were therefore keen to monitor and mitigate as much of the obsolescence risk as possible in anticipation of any potential slippages, as part of a proactive Through Life Management regime. The In-Service Support team recognised that CMCA(UK) had an excellent track record in providing subject matter expertise in the field of Obsolescence Management and Long Term Storage. Consequently, they selected CMCA(UK) to assist them in managing the RAPTOR obsolescence both at the strategic and tactical level. Specifically, CMCA(UK) is delivering the following support directly to ISR Systems Malvern:

  •  Strategic advice relating to the development and maintenance of the RAPTOR OMP.
  • Access to CMCA(UK)’s Obsolescence Strategy Advisor for specialist assistance as and when required.
  • Proactive component monitoring via the Obsolescence Management Services team. This comprises a dedicated and highly experienced team of component engineers and support staff who are responsible for monitoring the availability of RAPTOR components identified on the system Bill of Material (BoM) and providing regular reports on the status of these components. This service utilises the CMCA(UK) proprietary COMPaSS system both to monitor the RAPTOR system and to generate user-friendly and user-configurable reports.
  • The provision of secure, environmentally-controlled Long Term Storage facilities for those components which are no longer available or subject to Last Time Buys / Life of Type Buys.

The Benefits

There are numerous tangible benefits to UTC Aerospace Systems ISR Systems Malvern, and by inference the end user, as a result of their decision to work with CMCA(UK) to manage and mitigate obsolescence on RAPTOR. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Our Obsolescence Management services are agile, responsive, effective, and competitively priced, thus helping ISR Systems Malvern to achieve the best availability at the optimum cost of ownership.
  • The client receives regular outputs from COMPaSS detailing the current availability status of components across the RAPTOR BoM. Consequently, their risk of exposure to obsolescence across the supply chain is more clearly understood.
  • Increased end-user confidence in ISR Systems’ ability to manage obsolescence in a timely and effective manner.

Why Choose CMCA(UK)?

Clients choose CMCA(UK) for many reasons, the most compelling of which are:

We are a company that specialises in Obsolescence Management, Procurement and Long Term Storage solutions. It is our business to provide cost-effective, knowledgeable advice to our clients: after all, our excellent reputation depends on it.

When it comes to Obsolescence Management, we pride ourselves on being innovative and progressive in our quest to develop practical, bespoke solutions.

The client has access to market-leading strategic and tactical Obsolescence Management advice. This allows their In-Service Support team to focus its attention on the plethora of other engineering challenges, safe in the knowledge that obsolescence is being managed by the experts.