Through Life Support Case Study (including BoM’s)

The Challenge

Our client is a leading manufacturer of power and electrical systems for the aerospace industry. They face the challenge of ensuring that their aerospace end users’ equipment remains available and supportable for many years into the future. The client had previously used a web-based component availability tool which didn’t provide coverage for all the components within their Bill of Material (BoM). This was sufficient for electronics but left the rest of their equipments at risk. The client identified the need to work with a third party to deliver a more comprehensive service with wider coverage, thus enabling them to provide detailed obsolescence management mitigation solutions to their internal project teams, and ultimately their external customers, as a progressive and responsible through life support organisation.

The Solution

The client understood that the development and execution of a bespoke obsolescence strategy would require significant planning, specialist knowledge and resources that did not exist within their current team. By providing the necessary staffing resource to gather all BoM data at the client’s site over the duration of several months, CMCA(UK) were able to load all the BoM data into our in-house COMPaSS tool. Once in COMPaSS in an electronic format, CMCA(UK) was then able to build up the equipment structure, gather component availability information and provide availability reports. After 16 months of hard effort all of the BoMs were loaded and parts cleansed, statuses set and the second stage of ongoing monitoring began.

The Benefits

The Client realised a number of tangible benefits which also provide added value to their commercial and military end users. These include, but are not limited to;

  • Our Obsolescence Management services are agile, responsive, effective and competitively priced, thus helping the Client to achieve the best supportability at the optimum cost.
  • The Client receives regular outputs from COMPaSS detailing the current availability status of components across their BoM. Consequently, their risk of exposure to obsolescence across the supply chain is more clearly understood.
  • Increased end-user confidence in the Client’s ability to manage obsolescence in a timely manner.
  • An additional benefit was that the exercise meant any errors in the data on the the Clients drawings, parts lists or databases was cleansed which then negated any queries with part numbers within the purchasing process.

The client had never had this level of information for all components on their equipments, quoting: “the OMS programme is having a very positive effect.”

Why Choose CMCA(UK)?

Clients choose CMCA(UK) for many reasons, the most compelling of which are:

We are a company that specialises in Obsolescence Management, Procurement and Long Term Storage solutions. It is our business to provide cost-effective, knowledgeable advice to our clients: after all, our excellent reputation depends on it.

When it comes to Obsolescence Management, we pride ourselves on being innovative and progressive in our quest to develop practical, bespoke solutions.

The client has access to market-leading strategic and tactical Obsolescence Management advice. This allows their In-Service Support team to focus its attention on the plethora of other engineering challenges, safe in the knowledge that obsolescence is being managed by the experts.