Obsolescence Management Training

The Challenge

Our client is a leading provider of Military and Industrial training services across Asia, Australasia and the Middle East. As part of an updated training syllabus they were looking for a third party to provide a tailored Obsolescence Management training course that would equip their end customers with the skills and knowledge to undertake Obsolescence Management within the workplace. Consequently, our client contacted CMCA(UK) to request our assistance in developing the curriculum and delivering the course content. The training course needed to cover a number of aspects of Obsolescence Management including the theory, the benefits, the consequences of inadequate planning, the day-to-day activities, and an overview of the support tools available. The client also wanted CMCA(UK) to include a series of practical exercises over the duration of the course that would allow the delegates to assimilate their newly acquired knowledge and apply this to real-life obsolescence challenges.

The Solution

Starting from scratch, CMCA(UK) worked with the client to define a multi-day Obsolescence Management training course that contained both individual and team exercises that were designed to be both challenging and thought-provoking, using factual information and real-life examples wherever possible. A modular approach was adopted for the training course with each section building on the knowledge gained in the previous sessions. The elements covered within the course included:

  • Introduction to Obsolescence Management including International guidance and best practices.
  • The cost of doing nothing (including case studies).
  • Understanding the Obsolescence Management stakeholder community.
  • Developing an Obsolescence Management framework – the 4 step process overview.
  • Developing and maintaining the Obsolescence Management risk register, including practical risk assessment exercises.
  • Contracting for Obsolescence Management in the Supply Chain and assessing supplier effectiveness.
  • Obsolescence Management considerations throughout the product lifecycle.
  • Managing obsolescence on COTS equipment.
  • Understanding the obsolescence impact of International regulations and initiatives.
  • Obsolescence Management monitoring tools and services overview.
  • Developing and maintaining an Obsolescence Management cost benefit profile.

In addition to the above syllabus, a series of training objectives and required learning outcomes were defined for each module of the training package.

The Benefits

By engaging with CMCA(UK) to develop and deliver the Obsolescence Management training course the client (and their clients) realised a number of benefits which will also deliver added value to the commercial and military end users. These include, but are not limited to;

  • Our Obsolescence Management instructors are highly experienced practitioners who have extensive knowledge of applying Obsolescence Management principles and techniques in both the military and commercial sectors.
  • Our Obsolescence Management instructors are confident and seasoned public speakers who excel in encouraging the delegates to play a full and active role in the training course.
  • We do not deliver a ‘one size fits all’ solution! Our Obsolescence Management training courses can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the client.
  • The delegates are able to further benefit from reach-back advice from the instructor following participation on the training course.
  • Increased end-user confidence in the ability of the delegates’ organisation to understand and manage obsolescence in accordance with the IEC 62402 principles.

Why Choose CMCA(UK)?

Clients choose CMCA(UK) for many reasons, the most compelling of which are:

We are a company that specialises in Obsolescence Management, Procurement and Long Term Storage solutions. It is our business to provide cost-effective, knowledgeable advice to our clients: after all, our excellent reputation depends on it.

When it comes to Obsolescence Management, we pride ourselves on being innovative and progressive in our quest to develop practical, bespoke solutions.

The client has access to market-leading strategic and tactical Obsolescence Management advice. This allows their In-Service Support team to focus its attention on the plethora of other engineering challenges, safe in the knowledge that obsolescence is being managed by the experts.