Codification Services for International Clients

The Client and Background

ESG Elektroniksystem-und Logistik (ESG) is a company based in Southern Germany that has developed a suite of software packages to enable nations to codify inventory items using the NATO Stock Number (NSN) standard. ESG’s N-CORE codification software has a global footprint that is focused primarily within the military environment although government agencies are beginning to utilise the application for national projects containing large inventories of equipment.

The Challenge

ESG has a strong track record in developing and delivering software support solutions that address the needs of the international NATO codification community but their knowledge of how to conduct codification to the NATO standard is limited. Therefore, whilst they can offer software solutions to NATO National Codification Bureaus (NCBs) they do not have the experience to train personnel in the actual art of codification. ESG was therefore seeking a partner that could deliver NATO codification training to their international end users that was specifically tailored towards ESG’s N-CORE software interface.

The Solution

CMCA(UK) is a world-leader in the codification of inventory items to the NSN standard. Between them our staff have in excess of 200 years experience at all levels. Furthermore, CMCA(UK) currently holds a single source contract with the UK Ministry of Defence for the creation and maintenance of all NSNs across the three pillars of the UK Armed Forces. CMCA(UK) was therefore able to work with the ESG management team to devise a 5 day training course that was specifically designed to train national codifiers in the art of using the proprietary ESG N-CORE software to codify equipment to the NSN standard. Senior members of the CMCA(UK) codification services team were subsequently employed to deliver this training to representatives from a host of nations including Germany, the Netherlands, Oman, Malaysia and Greece.

The Benefits

There are numerous tangible benefits to ESG as a result of their decision to partner with CMCA(UK) to develop the NSN codification training. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • ESG benefit from the extensive codification knowledge and experience that exists within CMCA(UK) and which has been developed and refined over an extended period.
  • CMCA(UK) has a very flexible approach to supporting ESG which means that we are happy to deliver our codification training globally wherever it is required.
  • The client has the added benefit to call upon CMCA(UK)’s world leading Obsolescence Management and true source of supply knowledge which further contributes to reducing the through life cost of inventory ownership.
  • Our codification services are agile, responsive, effective, and competitively priced, thus our clients benefit from a first class service at a relatively low cost of acquisition.

Why Choose CMCA(UK)?

Clients choose CMCA(UK) for many reasons, the most compelling of which are:

We are a company that specialises in Obsolescence Management, Procurement and Long Term Storage solutions. It is our business to provide cost-effective, knowledgeable advice to our clients: after all, our excellent reputation depends on it.

When it comes to Obsolescence Management, we pride ourselves on being innovative and progressive in our quest to develop practical, bespoke solutions.

The client has access to market-leading strategic and tactical Obsolescence Management advice. This allows their In-Service Support team to focus its attention on the plethora of other engineering challenges, safe in the knowledge that obsolescence is being managed by the experts.