June 10, 2020

Assessing the Supply Chain during times of Crisis


CMCA(UK) Protecting your future today – Never before has our strap-line provided such clarity in its definition and meaning.

Here at CMCA(UK) our services have been designed to manage risk whilst providing the support needed to achieve Supply Chain Assurance. Many proactive companies monitor the ongoing availability of critical components, but how many actively monitor their supply base and, where deemed necessary by proactive clients, go further into the associated and expanded supply chain.

During this time of global uncertainty, our own Procurement team have certainly experienced the same issues and feedback that many have been seeing over the last few months, having received responses to enquiries such as; “sorry, the person that does that has been furloughed”,  or “we can provide prices but they are not guaranteed”, even “we can provide pricing but the lead-time cannot be guaranteed”. Through our knowledge of global supply chains, and procurement experience, we have managed to overcome such feedback and resolve issues to maintain business continuity. Where necessary (and acceptable) we have also been able to use confirmed alternatives to achieve our customer’s needs.

In order to further manage risk, and mitigate against arising issues we strongly recommend asking questions of your supply-chain such as;

  • Have you got a good relationship with every one of your suppliers, not just the main ones? What about those critical, even single source contributors?,
  • Are you their main customer or just one of many (there are risks for both),
  • Do you believe you are a ‘good’ customer?
  • Where do you stand in their priority? Would they complete your order first or someone else’s, perhaps even a competitors?!
  • In your last negotiations did you ‘squeeze’ perhaps a little too hard?
  • Have you considered the impact they may have on your business?

We have always held the belief that value is key and what is fundamentally important breaks down into the three primary contributing elements “Quality, Cost and Delivery”. By maintaining our focus on these key aspects, and managing our supply chain accordingly, we have continued to supply and support our customers without major issue or concern.

At CMCA(UK) we truly believe in protecting whilst also supporting our customers, and if you would like to discuss how we achieve this, please give us a call.



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