About CMCA(UK)

From its Codification roots, CMCA(UK) has diversified its business portfolio to offer an extended range of services in Obsolescence Management, Procurement and most recently Long Term Storage.

Who We Are

Established in 1997, we are Central Management Catalogue Agency (UK), or CMCA(UK) as we are more commonly referred to.

What We Do

We specialize in the development and delivery of innovative Technical Support, Obsolescence Management, Codification, Procurement and Long Term Storage solutions.

Our Policy

To provide products and services of the highest quality and value to our customers. Gaining and retaining, their respect and loyalty.

CMCA(UK) is a privately owned, dynamic company specializing in the development and delivery of innovative and cost-effective Technical Support, Obsolescence Management (OM), Codification, Procurement and Long Term Storage solutions across a range of industries and applications. The company was established in 1997 to provide NATO Codification services to the UK Ministry of Defence (UK MoD) and this is an area in which we have continued to flourish. In 2014 CMCA(UK) was awarded the single source contract to perform NATO Codification on behalf of all three branches of the UK Armed Forces and still holds this contract to date.

From its Codification roots, CMCA(UK) has diversified its business portfolio to offer an extended range of services in Obsolescence Management, Procurement and most recently Long Term Storage. Our customers mainly reside in the Military, Marine, Nuclear, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas and Packaging industries although our services have been designed to meet the needs of almost any environment. If there’s one thing that our experience has taught us it’s that there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ solution!


Technical Services

Our Technical Support (TS) team provide bespoke solutions that cover all aspects of strategic and tactical obsolescence management from proactive Component Monitoring (regularly checking the availability of components and BoM’s), and Obsolescence Mitigation Investigations (conducting investigations to find solutions to obsolescence issues) all the way through to developing and delivering obsolescence management strategies, plans and training.

CMCA(UK) can also provide long term nitrogen storage facilities to mitigate obsolescence risks where the Life Time Buy of electronic equipment is the most economical solution. Any or all of these activities can be performed under the umbrella of our proprietary Assured Total Obsolescence Management (ATOM) framework.

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Procurement Solutions

Our Procurement Services team offer a wide range of purchasing solutions. From developing bespoke solutions to supply-chain management requirements to sourcing and supplying “difficult to find” items or services like kitting , we work with customers to deliver a tailor-made service that reduces cost and increases operational efficiency.

We take considerable pride in the fact that we are experienced in various aspects of procurement, providing numerous solutions, and continuous support to our customers.

Codification Services

Our Codification Services team deliver all codification on behalf of the UK MoD, allocating, maintaining and servicing NATO Stock Numbers (NSN’s) for the military supply chain and MoD Project Teams.

As a company that regularly conducts international business with numerous blue chip customers it should come as no surprise that CMCA(UK) is accredited to ISO9001 and is Cyber Essentials PLUS compliant. Additionally we hold Rolls-Royce’s GS3001 certification in recognition of our high quality standards and to underpin our strategic support partnership with one of our largest customers.

British and French troops arrive safely onto Salisbury Plain, after being delivered to battle by RAF Chinooks, during multinational Exercise Wessex Storm.

Across three days of high tempo activity on both the ground and in the air British, French and American paratroopers demonstrated how they can go by air to battle together.

Exercise Wessex Storm saw the 2 PARA Battlegroup training on Salisbury Plain to confirm its skills and readiness to serve as the lead infantry unit within 16 Air Assault Brigade, the British Army’s global response force.

The battlegroup includes a company of some 150 troops from the French 2e Régiment Etranger de Parachutistes (2e REP) and a 40-strong platoon from the US Army’s 2nd Battalion, 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment. 

Their involvement is about growing understanding of each other’s capabilities and tactics, to be able to operate together better on any future operations, to be ready to respond together to international crises.

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